Saturday, August 15, 2009



1) "Vladischlock Chase" and 2) " Brink Anthem" These tracks were part of the "Frankenspine/Volcano Session" done in Wellington NZ in May of 2005, with drummer Glenn Fletcher. I was playing a Yamaha 7 foot grand piano and a Roland D-70 synth at the same time.

3) This is a nicely recorded guitar improvisation done at Harry Williamson's studio in Melbourne in 2004.

4) through 7) "GAT-earoa Session" These are guitar over-dubbing experiments done again at Ian McAllister's studio in Chch in September of first attempts at guitar over-dubbing. I used a Peter Stephen classical guitar, a Takamine 12 string, and my modified Crafter six-string...

8) "Mountain Summer Jam" This is a jam between me on grand piano and my friend Dave Bredel from New Jersey...we recorded this on his mobile tape deck in a practice room of the music dept. at CU in Boulder in the summer of 1989

9) "Night of the Electric Schmetterling Jam" This is a 4 minute excerpt from a jam done in Wellington NZ with me on grand piano and acoustic guitar, Takumi Motokawa on piano, percussion and pipe organ, and Tristan Carter on electric violin.

10) through 13) "Berry Bunch Jam" a jam at my friend Helm Ruifrock's place in Christchurch...I was sitting in with Helm and his group which I called the "Berry Bunch" because Berry was the lead singer and female sex icon! On these tracks I was playing either drum kit or percussion.

14) "Man was in the Forest" This is really my first 'symphonic' composition, done on Cubase at pre-hacking levels while living on the base of an active volcano in Chile last winter. I was somehow inspired to layer together the following: samples of the Ligeti composition "Atmospheres" from the soundtrack from 2001: A Space Odyssey; Fiorella Terenzi's galaxy sounds (she's an essential ingredient for any serious space-sounding experiment!); I think some David Dunn might be in there; some didge tracks mutated in various ways; and the voice is Bambi's mom, from the original movie. There had been a disturbance in the forest, and in a moment of complete silence, Bambi asked his mom what was wrong. She replied, "Man...was in the forest."

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