Saturday, August 15, 2009



1) "Coming Forth by Day" This is the first time I ever over-dubbed synth with acoustic guitar. It's dedicated to my mom and dad who got killed in a car wreck a couple years was VERY heavy but it was if the angels came and got them...and they got to go together. Cosmically it was somehow all ok. "Coming forth by day" is how the ancient Egyptians referred to what we call "death" them, it was a waking up into a vaster and brighter them, THIS life was the 'dream' and THAT the 'reality.' This song is not only for my is my message to anyone who has experienced the 'death' of loved ones...and it is a journey that we ALL will go on...and it's all ok!!! This song is my message to humanity...that what we call "death" is NOT an end or something to be feared...but a wonderful awakening into a vaster eternal reality...a return to cosmic love and a bliss beyond our wildest imaginings here now.

2) "Beyond the Eschaton" Tracks 1, 2 and 3 here I did at my friend Ian McAllister's studio in Christchurch last spring. I sort of went to the next level with my music...I played acoustic and electric guitar together for the first time, and I played percussion and synth together with these guitars as well. "Eschaton" means 'the end of the world.'

3) "The Day the Sky Stood Down" Here is the birth of the new style I created called "perc and gat"..."percussion and guitar" instead of "drum and bass." It's got a drum&bass rhythm done on bongos and congas played with mallets. I had my foot on the high-hat, and overdubbed the tambourine and shakers. Ian said it reminded him of music from an old ufo movie.

4) "The Day the Sky Stood Down"("oscillate your plasma column" remix) This has the rhythm track from (3), with sound modulations, and an acoustic guitar part. I LOVE this sound. It's not really needs an electric guitar part over it and maybe a synth bass line.

5) "The Day..." (Colossus remix) Colossus is a supercomputer in a science-fiction film by the same name. I put this onto a remix that Ian did of "The Day the Sky Stood Down" consists of these complex noise fields. I took Ian's mix then reversed it and overlaid it onto the forward version...pretty freaky sounding. It ends up with the introductory rhythm track going backwards.

6) "The Day...(Bone-seeker/Permanent Brain damage remix) This piece is still pretty rough. There's a lot going on...the woman is Leuren Moret, probably the world's leading researcher/educator re: health effects of the nuclear scenario. You also hear Godzilla, theme from The Outer Limits and the Twilight Zone; Dr. Ted Wyman, Canadian DU researcher...over-laid onto Ian's remix of the original "Day the Sky Stood Down"...the vocals are are from mp3's I got from the net and reconstituted into .aifs...hence the poor audio quality. I will do more work on this track to clear out spaces where now you can't make out what they're saying...

7) "Permanent Contamination" Here we begin with sounds from Dr. Fiorella Terenzi, which are acoustic versions of the signals from two colliding radio galaxies, and the voice of Santa Fe artist David Dunn modulated by algorithms he devised based on mathematical properties of Enochian intelligences communicated with by John Dee in the 16th century (Dee was a psychic in the employ of the Queen of England and was supposedly the original James Bond). Then the voice of Dr. Ted Wyman, and a rhythm track of tabla and drum kit by Karsh Kale.

8) "Burcsodni Whale" This track has some whale sounds over-laid with a song called "Indoscrub" by Mickey Hart from his "Supralingua" cd..."burcsodni" is "indoscrub" backwards!

9) "Cymbalic Supra-Orca" This one has the opening high-hat phrase from Jeff Beck's "Blue Wind" over-dubbed with didge from David Johnson, Paul Horn playing flute inside the Great Pyramid, and sounds of the orca, aka the "killer whale"

10) "Kyber-Kosmos Experiment" Again, a very rough sketch of an idea...the opening synth part is from a piece I recorded in Atlanta in 1991 called "Kybernetes" using the "universe" patch of the Korg M1. The female voice is from Ann Druyan, widow of and former collaborator with astronomer Carl Sagan. This is from her introduction to the dvd release of the Cosmos tv series. My music fades and then comes a rhythm loop from a track from Charles Lloyd's cd "Sangam" with Eric Harland on drums and Zakir Hussein on tablas/percussion. Beneath that are 3 tracks of native American flute from Coyote Oldman, modulated and slowed-down.

11) "Honky Zep-Smith" This one starts with a synth line from Steve Miller called "Threshold" overdubbed with the opening drum riff from "Honky Tonk Woman" by the Stones as well as the opening bars of Led Zeppelin's "Immigration Song" going backwards; these give way to the opening bars of "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" by the Beatles, then the opening phrase from the intro to the original Outer Limits tv series...then a rhythm loop alternating between "immigration Song"'s opening bar and Aerosmith's "Walk this way"'s opening beat...overlaid with the Outer Limits thing, a voice from an Adbusters "advert" for the fat content of a Big Mac, and the voice of the People's very own Dubya aka Herr Shrubdolf Gitler saying "go home and die"...this one is fit for MTV if any of my music is!

12) "Godzilla-Tornado" Here I took a segment from Steven Spielberg's really cheesy film Tornado where an F-5 is coming to suck them all up...then I put in Godzilla's footsteps and sound, from a Gong song called "Gongzilla" and then Godzilla's "actual" sound from the original movie. I LOVE doing this kind of stuff...I can't wait to do it with visuals, too! Imagine seeing Godzilla roar and the exhalation becomes an inhalation which sucks everything into her mouth, just like a giant tornado would do. The part I REALLY want to show is this really fat chick running for the storm cellar when all of a sudden she remembers her 3 liter bottle of Diet Coke is still in the kitchen..." Diet Coke...IT'S STILL IN THE KITCHEN. YOU HAVE TO GO BACK IN AND GET IT...PLEASSSSSSSEEEEEEEE!!!"

13) "Dunn-Interspecies" we have more of David Dunn's Enochian voice algorithms mixed with assorted marine life sounds courtesy of Jim Nollman's Interspecies Communication organization

14) "Didge Project" I took didge tracks from three different players and fucked them up as fully as I could...

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