Saturday, August 15, 2009


Here are the tracks from the movie in their order of appearance. Clicking on the url link will take you to my mediafire page where you can download an mp3 of each track.

1) "Walking in Beauty"

2) "Volcano"

3) "Water"

4) "Song of Waitaha"

5) "Sunny friends on dunes of flowers"

6) "Maximal Tilt/Deconstruction of the Universe"

7) "George Winston on Acid"

8) Spring Studio Session 3

9) "Spankin' the Yank"

10) "A Scottish Theme"

11) "Constellations of the Southern Hemisphere/Charlie Brown Goes to Proxima Centauri"

12) Spring Studio Session 4

13) Theme from "The Rockist"

14) "Beyond the Eschaton (Back to Whaledreaming Remix)"

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