Sunday, November 1, 2009


These are tracks and remixes I did with the brilliant and very doctor of recording Ian McAllister in Christchurh NZ. These recordings are the most diverse I've ever done in the sense of how many different instruments I played, including a Les Paul electric guitar with a full 'Marshall stack' and array of effects; Korg synth; and an array of percussion instruments. All takes are first; I'd do a track, listen back to it once, then do another track.

"Coming Forth by Day" (dedicated to my mom and dad)

"The Day the Sky Stood Down"

"The Day the Sky Stood Down" (Oscillate your plasma column remix)

"The Day the Sky Stood Down" (Colossus remix)

[note: the computer voice is from a film called Colossus, based on the excellent sci-fi trilogy by D.F. Jones]

"Beyond the Eschaton" (Back to Whaledreaming remix)

[note: this one has sounds from orcas and other cetaceans mixed in with my voice progressively slowing down into total acoustic entropy...Ian's handiwork!]

"The Day the Sky Stood Down" (Permanent Brain Damage remix)

[note: that's the voice of geoscientist Leuren Moret...later on you'll hear Dr. Tedd Weyman talking about the health effects of depleted uranium; in the beginning you'll also hear hints of the theme from The Twilight Zone and also Godzilla...]

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